Four Practical Basement Storage Ideas

3081-101413-gs3081If you have a basement or attic in your home, you probably already know how useful that space can be. However, some people just use their basements to dump items that are no longer in use, but there is a lot more that you can do with that space. You don’t have to let your basement be a dark, dull storage pace, you can make it functional and inviting at the same time. Below are some tips for effectively using your basement storage space: 

Open Shelving

This is a great solution for people who have many books that they would like to put on display, but lack enough space to store them. By fitting open shelving on your basement walls, it will be much easier to find and showcase your books in visually appealing manner.

Under-Stair Cabinets 

The lower staircase wall in your basement can be used as a storage area or display with built-in cabinets diagonally placed alongside the stairs for a distinct look. By taking advantage of the staircase, you save up on floor space while gaining plenty of room to serve as storage for your items 

Clear Plastic Bins 

Compared to cardboard boxes, clear plastic bins are a much better alternative for holding your smaller stored items, because they make it easier for you to identify where different certain items are located. They also don’t attract mold and rodents when they become damp, like cardboard boxes. The bins can be placed in a closet or under the stairs to keep them out of the common area. 

Bar Cart  

A small bar cart tucked in a corner, against one of the walls, can provide you with space to store your wine and spirits. It can also be used to display your favorite glassware and entertainment essentials, like shot glasses, coasters, cocktail recipe books, and much more. 

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