Will Plants Survive In Basement Windows?

liteicon plus 24Plants can really add to the atmosphere of any home. Lots of direct sunlight and a beautiful plant always brightens up a room. However if you happen to have a basement living area, then good sunlight can be something that is not very abundant. Plants need as much sunlight as possible, and clean windows provide the most sunlight. Call The Maids of New London to get your windows whipped into shape.

Many plants do not do well in the low light conditions that basements provide. However, with the right plant selection, it is possible to grow some wonderful plants even in basement windows.

Two Main Concerns With Basement Windows

With basements windows there are two main concerns when it comes to plants. The most obvious potential problem is the amount of light that is provided. Some basement windows can get a few hours of direct sunlight each day, while many others receive only indirect lighting. Fortunately there are plenty of plants that can handle these light conditions.

The second potential concern is temperature. Depending on where you live and the condition of your windows, some window sills can get quite cold and drafty. Many plants will not handle temperature changes, but there are many that do.

A Few Plant Ideas

Now that the two main concerns are understood, what are a few good options to consider that fit your conditions? A good starter plant to try is the very common Spider Plant (Chlorophytum comosum). They can thrive in low light conditions and are very hardy. They can handle some temperature variation and do best in temperatures that range from 40º to 85ºF. This will be perfect for many basement windows.

Another plant to consider is the Peace Lily (Spathiphyllum). This wonder of a plant thrives in indirect light conditions. It will do best in temperature ranges from 65F to 80F. It is also one of the best plants for purifying air. On top of this, it is one of the few low light plants that will flower. Provided the basement window will provide the correct temperatures, this is one plant to strongly consider.

There is really a wealth of options when it comes to finding a plant for a basement window. So long as the lighting conditions and temperatures are taken into consideration, the correct plants should thrive in their perfect conditions.