Maid Services Groton  CT

Looking for Excellent Maid Services? Get The Maids!

Maid Services New London CTMany of our customers have never employed maid services before. If you are beginning to feel weighed down by cleaning your own home, you may have considered hiring a maid service but find yourself having difficulty in deciding which maid service you can trust and rely on to clean your home the way you want it done.  You need a maid service that can provide exceptional, dependable and efficient services and The Maids Groton can give you exactly what you are looking for.  Being associated with a national franchise ensures that they have the resources to provide the best quality cleaning materials and equipment.

Reliable Teams Who're Meticulously Screened, Bonded and Insured

Approximately 90% of our clients trust us inside their home. Why? For the reason that they have already witnessed just how rigid we are when it comes to personnel selection and training. Additionally, we impose proper documentation, bond deposits and insurance membership to our employees to ensure that your property remains safe and secure with us. There is no doubt that even accidental injuries at work and any hazards at your place shall be dealt with the right way. Because your home security is also critical to us, we've conceptualized a method which will keep an eye on the keys and also employee’s log in and log out time. Lastly, our company strategy incorporating a buddy-buddy system adds to your security as each team member is responsible to one another.

Team Cleaning Render Exceptional Results

The Maids Groton found a much better and more systematic means of cleaning through team support. With consistent training of our team, you can be assured that all of the four members are skilled in our cleaning methods, the use of our earth-friendly cleaning materials and also our most recent equipment. Each member of the team is assigned a specific task and they are fully responsible for completing this task to our high standards.   With this particular technique, our team is going to be more productive in cleaning your house To ensure the best service for you, we will delegate a team leader who is going to see if the 22-Step Cleaning System was completed in every area assigned.

Systematic Cleaning System

Making use of advanced technology and biodegradable solutions with our systematic cleaning system we ensure that your home is cleaned effectively and efficiently.  With The Maids Groton using our Healthy Touch Deep Cleaning System all the surfaces in your home from kitchen to bathroom, microwave oven to floors will be free of germs and bacteria. Your cabinets are going to be wiped down, the furniture polished and the area under your beds will be vacuumed.  Upon signing up with our maid services, The Maids Groton is going to assign a customer service agent to go over your options and create a unique program for you. Special regular cleaning of walls, grills, garages or paneling may be built into your service.

Reliability and Flexibility of Maid Services

The needs of our clients often change depending on the season. With the reliability and flexibility offered by The Maids, you don't have to be concerned about changing your schedule. Any modifications in the schedule or any special services that you may possibly need will be met by us. We will at all times have someone to substitute in cleaning your house in the event that a team member is not available. 

We also accept regular cleaning services of windows, garage, kitchen cabinet re-organization or other areas of your home so if you have any special needs The Maids will be able to help you. 

Give Us a Chance to be Your Quality Maid Service

Are you currently unhappy with your present maid service or are you looking to hire a maid service for the very first time? The Maids Groton have everything you need and with our unique 22-step healthy touch deep cleaning system, you will get excellent cleaning services at a very affordable cost.