Five Ways to De-clutter Your Kitchen

dreamstimefree 10317055Your kitchen can often become cluttered with all kinds of small appliances, utensils, pots, pans, dishes and all sorts of other items. This clutter can cause your kitchen space to become crowded and disorderly. It is definitely a good idea to de-clutter your kitchen. You will realize that there may be many items that are not currently being used or are just taking up space. By de-cluttering your kitchen you will have more space, and it will increase your kitchen’s functionality. Below are five tips for de-cluttering your kitchen:

Clean the Kitchen

It is advisable to begin to de-clutter by cleaning your kitchen. Use soft cloths, rags, mild detergent and water to remove dirt from your kitchen surfaces. If the sink contains any dirty items, wash them thoroughly. Put items in a designated storage place. This way, it is a lot easier to find items every time you are looking for them.

Clear Out Items Not Being Utilized

Have a carton for things that you wish to store elsewhere in your home, and a carton for things you want to get rid of. And as long as the items you no longer want are in good shape, you could consider donating them. Take a good look at all of your available storage space, from the top to bottom, before proceeding to reorganize.

Organize your Refrigerator

Go to your refrigerator and inspect labels of all the stored food. Remove anything that is past its sell-by-date or which you are unlikely to use. Also, throw out any old leftovers.

Relocate Items

If you have limited cabinet space, all items that you do not use frequently should be packed up to be stored elsewhere in your home. Make a list of these items and their location, so that you can remember where you put them. Place this list in a visible location in the kitchen in case you need to reference it.

Hanging Storage

A hanging pot storage system is a great way to save cabinet space. This way, you will be able to more economically utilize all the space in your kitchen.

After de-cluttering your kitchen, finding what you need should be so much easier. And if you would like help with all your housekeeping needs then do not hesitate to contact The Maids of New London, in Hamden, Connecticut. They will be happy to assist you!