We have recently temporarily moved while our house is being renovated. Since our move, the cleaning team has been on time, efficient, and doing a great job on cleaning the house. Today in particular they were so thoughtful. I am 8 months pregnant and the team actually helped me bring in my groceries from the car. Extremely thoughtful, it made my day that they went above and beyond to help me.

 Sandra G.

The Blue Team was courteous, friendly, skilled, and thorough. I especially appreciated their willingness to work quietly so that my infants could nap.

 Christine C.

Maria and the team are always timely, accommodating, polite and hardworking. They are responsive to feedback and unobtrusive.

 Janice R.

Maria and her team always do a phenomenal job at my house. I love Thursday's as my home smells so good after they are through. Keep up the great work Maria and team...You rock!! Maria and her team are always top notch...I'm very fortunate to have her caring and considerate attitude be an intricate part of my weekly cleaning. I am very happy to have Maria and her team arrives at my home every week...Rock on and the company is so fortunate to have her...Thank-you

 Lisa G N.

I like this team leader (Julio Acevedo) very much. Always eager to please and his dedication seems to reflect on his entire team. I am very pleased. Thank You

 Judy B.

I like the way Amber leaves my home looking "spa-like." Candy on my pillow; blankets draped over the chairs; magazines arranged like a fan on the coffee table. All these little touches show that care was taken to do a good job.

 Janet R.

Everything is always clean and neat when the team leaves! The fancy fold on the toilet paper and Kleenex makes our house feel like a luxury hotel! Can't thank them enough, my favorite day is the day our team has been here!

 Melissa M.