Space Clearing - A harmonious life in your own home

Cleaning the space in which we live is very important for both physical health and emotional status. A space clearing means a general cleaning accompanied by space purifying and negative energies removal. But why do we need such a purification and how to make a space clearing?

The negative energies and the chaos in a house can influence our daily existence. A healthy energy must be able to circulate. Living in clutter means living a sick life. A well-arranged, balanced and harmonious space leads not only to a general welfare, but creates real prerequisites for development.
Did you know that your home attracts all the negative energies of the events that happen in it? According to Feng Shui, the house should be cleaned annually or after every negative event in your life. A clean home physical and energetic can be obtained easily through several novel methods.
Techniques for removing negative energies from the house are often used in Feng Shui, an ancient art practiced daily in some cultures, such as those from India, Bali, Peru and Morocco. As you feel the need to clean the house of impurities, the same is beneficial to the energy level. Negative human emotions are accumulated in the area where you live. They must be removed in order to have a good feeling.

In general, experts recommend a space clearing at least once a year or after intense events with many harmful energies, such as a divorce. It is also very important to clean the space when you move into a new home.

Things you need:

  • Candles or incense sticks
  • Natural flavors
  • Essential oils
  • Music
  • Bouquets of sage or lavender

Make general cleaning in your home and open all windows. This step is very important because the clean air is a factor that brings freshness and naturally rid the house of negative energies. In each room, place a bowl of fresh flowers, candles or incense sticks. You can decorate the rooms with bouquets of sage and lavender, which purify the air and eliminate the bad energies. The flowers will be thrown after three days. In this time they have attracted the negative energies from the house. The essential oils with different fragrances also give a good feeling and remove the bad fluctuations.

A space clearing is more than a cleaning your house. It is the harmonization of energy flows around us offering excellent solutions for protection against harmful influences or electromagnetic stress.