Easy Ways to Have a Delicious Smelling Home

iStock 000018810800LargeWe all want to have beautifully scented homes. This is because of all the senses we possess as human beings, the sense of smell is one of the strongest. In addition, the olfactory nerves and the sense of smell are heavily related to memory and certain emotional responses. The most popular scent in terms of producing well being is a combination of pumpkin pie and vanilla.
Here are some ways that you can make your home smell as delicious as you've always wanted it to be and have your guests leaving happy and impressed!


There are endless brands and scents of candles that are out there for you to take home and light. Within seconds of lighting, these candles spread their scents throughout the house. From vanilla cookie to Autumn and Winter themed candles to scents like Grass and Fresh Rain, these candles will certainly produce a delicious smelling home in no time.

Baking Cookies

This is an old trick of real estate agents. When agents show a house, they put some cookies in the oven. While the cookies are baking, they create a wonderful scent that wafts through the house. Plus, they are an added incentive for potential buyers to stop in and take a look around. Pop some pre made cookie dough onto a baking sheet for a quick way to make your house smell incredible.


Whether using a stick of incense or its more unusual cone shaped cousin, burning it can make your home smell really fantastic. Best of all, there is a large variety of scents out there to choose from, from strawberry to jungle rain. You can pick your favorites and, using a dish or an incense holder, you can burn incense whenever you feel like adding a little fragrance to your home.

Above all these suggestions, a clean home is what smells the best. Hiring a service like The Maids will insure your home sparkles as well as smells like a million bucks.