Tips for Efficient Spring Cleaning

No one wants to spend their whole day cleaning, so the more you can get done in the least amount of time possible, the better. If time is just not on your side, get maid services to give you a head start, then jump into organizing.

Here are a few effective, efficient tips for getting through the cleaning fast:

Tip #1: Start with the clothes. Clothes have a way of multiplying all over the house: kids throw them anywhere, clean clothes get left in the laundry room or table instead of being put away, and the closets end up overflowing with extra clothes you don't often wear. 

Spring is the perfect time to get into the clothes and get them back under control. Start putting away winter clothes, and as soon as you come across something that doesn't fit or you don't plan to wear, put it in a bag or box for give away (make sure you take the box away as soon as it's full, too!). 

Tip #2: Create an out-of-place collection as you go. If you take every single thing you find that's out of place back to where it belongs, you'll be exhausted before you're halfway through the house! Instead, find a central location to deposit things that are not where they should be.

Found a book in the kitchen that belongs on the book shelf? Put in the pile. A jacket your daughter left thrown over the back of the living room chair? In the pile! When you're done cleaning up an area, take all of those things back to where they belong—it will be a lot more effective than running all over the house.

Tip #3: Air out the house. Fresh air does a couple of wonderful things for a home: it's a natural mood booster (thanks, sunlight!) and it's the most effective way to make your home smell clean. As soon as the temperatures are warm enough, throw open every window you can and keep the fresh air flowing as you clean.

Tip #4: Get everyone involved. Get the family involved to make everything move a lot faster. Delegate tasks, keeping in mind everyone's abilities. Little ones can work on picking up trash or toys, older kids can help with laundry, and the adults can split up to clean different areas of the house. Working as a team gets it done much faster!

Tip #5: Reward yourself. When you're finished, take a minute to appreciate the work you've put in. Grab a moment to yourself to relax—you deserve it!