Three Different Bedrooms & How to Get Them

What do you want in your bedroom? Is it a quiet place for you to get away from stress, or a fun place to cuddle up with the kids and watch TV? Is it your favorite place to read alone and escape the world or the perfect place for a Sunday nap?

Real Simple presented three different types of bedrooms—which one appeals to you?


If you want a place of peace and serenity, you're going to want to keep things simple, clean, and light. Try one of the more calming wall colors, like blue, or this year's favorite, green. Keeping the room decluttered will help reinforce the peace, so make sure you have storage for hiding your extra belongings.

Filtered natural light will do a lot for granting the room an ethereal, serene tone, so find a sheer curtain to bring the light in gently.


Sometimes you want to cuddle up with your spouse or favorite book and relax in a cozy nook. A garden theme might be the perfect choice for you. 

To get a cozy feel, pick a warmer color for the wall and add some garden-inspired art. Modern florals on blankets and pillows will bring the colors into the theme, and fresh flowers or your favorite houseplants will finish off the look.


Do you want to feel like you're walking into a different world entirely away from everything else in your life? Making your bedroom exotic can do just that for you.

Pick a bright color but muted tone for the wall and some vibrant colors for your blankets, pillows, and accessories. Anchor your neutrals in this atmosphere by bringing them into other features, like accents in pillows and rugs. 

Whatever room you choose, tailor it to what you love the most!