How to Clean a Laptop

Many families use more versatile technology than just desktop computers. In fact, just as families across the country are switching to mobile phones without landline phones, many are switching from desktops to laptops and tablets, as well.

Laptops and computers need a specific type of cleaning, and it's not likely something you do in your normal house cleaning routine. If you have a laptop and you've never cleaned it, getting it clean could improve its performance--and its appearance. It's not hard to clean a laptop, thankfully; but it does take a few special considerations:

Start with the bottom. With a cotton swab dipped an rubbing alcohol, gently wipe the bottom of the laptop case, paying close attention to the vents. Dust in vents can trap heat and cause a laptop to overheat if not cleared, so do a good job on these!

 Take care with the keyboard. Be especially careful not to drip as you clean the keyboard to keep any liquid from getting into the computer itself. Dip a cotton swab in alcohol again, then ring it out well. Run it over each of the keys carefully, switching to a new swab every time one starts to look dirty. Clean the trackpad in the same way for the best result.

Bring some clarity to the monitor. Your best bet is either cleaner specifically-designed for electronics or plain old water. Use a cotton or microfiber cloth since you don't want to leave lint streaks on your screen, spray some water on it, then just wipe down the screen, paying attention to fingerprints especially.

It only takes a little bit of time to get a laptop clean, and it's a great weekend project!