Proven Scrubbing Tricks to Remove Shoe Marks From Floors

16-1113tm-vector2-3507There are many techniques to get rid of shoe mark stains, but if these fail to work, you could always try other methods like the ones mentioned below.  These are natural products that will not cost you too much money, but are very effective at getting the job done.

Baking Soda Paste

  • Just mix two tsps.of baking soda with warm water to create  a smooth paste.
  • Using a piece of soft cloth, scrub the floor with the paste and it will remove the shoe mark.
  • Next, wipe the area clean using a damp cloth.
  • Leave it to dry.

Lighter Fluid

  • Take a soft cloth, dampen it using a soft fluid and rub the stained spot with the dampened cloth.
  • Next, wipe the area using a clean damp piece of cloth and let it dry.
  • When using a lighter fluid, it is important to always exercise a lot of caution. This is because the liquid is not only flammable but also toxic. Never let it get in contact with your eyes or skin.


  • Rub a small quantity of toothpaste on your shoe mark using a clean cloth.
  • Apply in circular motions.
  • Wipe the area using a clean and damp cloth, after which you should let it dry properly.


  • Take a small cloth or even a paper towel and spray it with some WD-40 and use it to gently rub the shoe mark.Wipe it clean using a piece of cloth that is clean and damp


These are a few of thehouse cleaning tips offered by The Maids of New London located in Hamden.  Many products are available in the market, and, they have been made specifically to help remove scruff marks or other tough stains. These over-the-counter solutions are quite safe for use on just about any kind of flooring. Before you buy any product, make sure that it is safe for use on your specific kind of flooring. Also, ensure that you follow the manufacturer’s directions to the letter.