Practical Ways to Keep Kids Entertained

7782-101413-gs7782Are your young kids sitting around the house bored out of their minds? Tempted to turn on the brain cell killer – better known as the television? Don't! Here are a couple of ideas you can easily use to keep kids entertained for a few hours.


You may think of bowling as a game for adults, but it is actually one of the easier games to set up for children. It also happens to be fairly addictive, so you can count on them playing for hours and hours.

The items you need to create your own bowling alley include:

  • A soft ball such as a tennis ball
  • Empty plastic soda bottles
  • A flat surface such as a carpet.

Set up the plastic soda bottles in the same order they are set in a bowling alley, mark off a distance from which the "bowling ball" must be released, explain the rules to the kids and you have successfully put together a way to keep your kids occupied for a few hours.

The River

Tinfoil isn't just for keeping "them" from reading your thoughts! No, it can also be used to create fascinating surfaces your kids can play with for hours. For example, how about a river they can float things down?

Shop at a bulk store? You are going to need a couple of boxes of tin foil. Go out into an area of the yard with a slight tilt. Unroll all the tin foil creating one long strip. Have your kids stand on one end to keep it from flying away, if there is a breeze. Now fold the tinfoil in half down its length so you now have a very long, thin strip. Bend up the outer edges of the strip about an inch from the edge.

Congratulations! You've just created a legendary tin foil Grand Canyon. Put a hose at one end and gently run water down the "river canyon." Your kids will be occupied for hours as they test which toys will and will not float down the river.

The media would have you believe kids only respond to video games these days. Don't buy into it. Your younger kids will love these two games – guaranteed!

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