Updating Your Kitchen with New Cabinet Handles

iStock 000018042301Medium---CopyOne of the more cost efficient ways to add value to a home is to upgrade the kitchen. "Cost efficient", however, is a relative term because a full upgrade can be very expensive. Fortunately, a few small changes can make a world of difference, including something as simple as changing out your cabinet handles.


Picture, if you will, a man in a dark blue suit. Imagine the man wearing a deep red tie with the suit. Now imagine the same man in a suit, but with a bright yellow tie with small designs on it. This small change produces a completely different impression of the man. The man with the dark red tie is most likely a more conservative, serious gentleman whereas the gentleman with the yellow tie is perhaps a bit more expressive and quick to laugh. The devil, as they like to say, is in the details.

The hardware on your cabinets serves the same role as the tie in our example. A clean stainless steel handle suggests a certain modern, utilitarian style for the cabinets and entire kitchen. Replace those handles with bright red hardware and you bring a different atmosphere to the kitchen.

Your Kitchen

Of course, the obvious question is what type of cabinetry hardware should you add to your particular kitchen? The answer depends on the style and mood you wish to pursue as well as the color and condition of your cabinets. There is no ironclad answer. This is an area where you apply your tastes and personality.

Perhaps the best approach is to get samples of cabinet handles and install all of them. Use the kitchen as you regularly would for a few days. You'll find a particular set may soon become your favorite. You can then simply replace all your current cabinet handles with the preferred version.


Perhaps one of the greater benefits of this kitchen upgrade is the cost. There isn't much of one. Whereas, new appliances can set you back thousands of dollars, changing out your cabinet handles shouldn't run you more than $100, unless you have a surprisingly large number of cabinets. Despite this small cost, the change can be so significant that the kitchen will almost feel new.

Go ahead and try it.

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