How to Fake a Fireplace

Fireplaces look great in any house—they’re often a focal point of a living room, and in a bedroom or bathroom, they can feel downright luxurious. Of course, not every house has a fireplace, so how can you mimic that effect?

There are some creative homeowners out there who have found a way. If you’re looking to add a fireplace element to one of your rooms, consider these options:

1. Bookshelf fireplace. This creates depth and interest, looks interesting and fun, and will instantly be a talking point in your home. Start with a bookshelf and a mantle that fit with each other.

Paint or wallpaper the back of the bookshelf a bold, dynamic color. Fit the mantle over the top of it, and decorate both the bookshelf and the mantle. No fireplace? No problem!

2. Candle fireplace. If you enjoy the fire but not the expense or the heat, this is for you: build your own fireplace façade and put lit candles arranged in the center. It will give you that moody glow you love from a fireplace without the heat or hassle.

3. Chalkboard or artwork. If you aren’t sure what to put in the middle of your façade, try artwork, or like one owner, a chalkboard! It will draw attention, and you have the opportunity to set a tone: serious or lighthearted.

Before committing to any of these, think about what options are going to work best in your space. Do you have kids? Pets? There might be a few options you can’t use reliably in order to keep your pets and children safe.

Have you ever thought about using a fake fireplace? Will you try it now that you’re armed with information?