Finding Ways Out of The Most Cluttered Areas

What are the most cluttered areas in your home? You can probably list them off pretty quickly without much thought. Have you ever thought about why they’re so cluttered? It turns out understanding the why might be the biggest way to solve the clutter problem!

House cleaning is as much about organizing as it is about scrubbing, and if these three areas were on your most-cluttered list, you might find these ideas to be extremely helpful.

Cluttered Entry. The problem the entryway is that everyone has to come through there at some point, and it often becomes a drop off location for shoes, backpacks, briefcases, mail—you name it, it’s probably been left in the entry!

The best way to control this clutter problem is to accept it. Does that mean you should leave it a mess? Definitely not—but it’s unlikely that your family is going to stop leaving things there.

Instead, set the entryway up to facilitate your family’s tendencies. Create drawers, cubbies, or shelves for each child to place their things. Hang hooks for backpacks and coats. This will go a long way in making your entryway cleaner.

The Kitchen Mail Center. If you have a collection of mail, papers, and calendars on your kitchen table or next to your refrigerator, you aren’t alone! Many people use their kitchen counters and dining room tables to consult their schedule or pay a bill.

Of course, a kitchen isn’t made for that, and it’s not equipped to handle the paperwork—but what if it were? Just like you can turn your entry’s clutter back on itself, you can do the same thing here by setting up a small command station.

It doesn’t have to be elaborate: a cork board, a calendar, and a mail sorter given a special corner of the counter space can become a perfect location to minimize clutter while getting everything taken care of.

The Kid’s Room. If your kid’s room is a disaster, part of it might be playing, but part of it might be a storage issue. Look around the room—are there bins, baskets, and plastic tubs in easy reach for your child?

If not, create storage for them that helps them stay sorted and organized, and help them get rid of the extra things they don’t play with anymore. When everything has a home, the space will be much neater.