Make More Space In Your Kitchen

Whether your kitchen is large or small, you’ve probably found yourself wishing for more storage—there are always odds and ends that seem to never have a home. That’s frustrating when you’re trying to do the organizing and housekeeping.

With a few clever tricks, though; you can make more space in your kitchen for storage without much work at all!

Hooks. The great thing about hooks is that you can put them pretty much anywhere you want: magnetic hooks on the refrigerator, hooks on the wall for hanging aprons and towels, or hooks inside of cabinet doors for cleaning brushes, large utensils, or dishrags. A few hooks in your kitchen can give you storage you didn’t know you had!

Extension Rods. This is a genius idea: do you have a lot of spray bottles? If you do, put a small extension rod underneath the sink (or in an overhead cabinet, if you have young children or mischievous pets!) and hang the spray bottles from it. This way, you’ll also have storage underneath them.

Create a Shelf. Add a great shelf for holding narrow boxes by cutting a crate in half and attaching it inside the door of your pantry.

Repurpose a Shoe Organizer. One of the handiest tools you’ll find doesn’t usually belong in your kitchen at all—it’s usually hanging in a closet holding shoes! Take a shoe organizer and hang it on your pantry door to hold small items, utensils, and tools.

There are so many little things in your kitchen, it can be a pain to organize them all. These tips might help you find—or make—a little bit more space!