How to Clean a Rusty grill or Smoker

Everyone who loves cooking BBQ understands why it is very important to care for as well as maintain the most valuable resource: The grill or the BBQ smoker. The fact that your grill is made of metal means that it is prone to rusting, especially when you neglect it for some time. If this is the situation your smoker is currently in, there is still a way of getting it back to shape. Here are a few effective tips on How to clean a rusty grill or smoker.

1. Begin by disassembling your grill by disengaging any parts connected with bolts and screws to make it possible for you to reach all the areas where rust has accumulated. Then, inspect your smoker carefully and establish areas where rust has attacked.

2. All the rusted areas of the grill should then be brushed off using a wire brush to get rid of loose bits of rust as well as other debris. You may want to consider brushing in circular motion to remove as much loose materials as possible. Ensure to rinse your brush with water to work on other areas of the grill.

3. The next step entails attaching a 120-grit sandpaper to an orbital sander, wearing a protective mask to avoid breathing in the rust particles, plugging the device and then pressing it against the rusty areas of the smoker. The Orbital sander should help you remove the rust completely or at least minimize the rust considerably. Ensure to move the sander in circular motion while keeping it one area for only a short period of time to prevent the surface from wearing out.

4. After you are done working with the sander, the next thing is to get a bucket filled with hot soapy water and sponge, which you will use to clean the entire grill. This cleaning should help remove all the remaining loose materials that the sander was unable to get rid of. When you are done washing, allow the grill to dry completely.

5. To give your smoker or grill a new look, spray every part with a heat resistant spray that is normally found in black. Black paint will go a long way in hiding the stubborn stains while giving your grill a fresh look despite its heaviest use.

6. Reassemble your grill by bringing together all the removed parts as well as inserting all the bolts and screws in their proper positions.