How Many Calories are Burned While CLEANING?

For anyone who might not have an idea what Calories are, they are units used to measure energy in food or the energy burnt in our bodies from the food we eat. Each activity we undertake burns up energy in us. Be it a simple activity like talking, walking, doing our cleaning or performing hard activities like working out, exercises, calories of energy will be burnt in our bodies. That is why every once in a while mostly after a tiresome task we have to make our way to our kitchen for that buttered bread or a plate of cereals to replenish the lost energy.

So, how much energy do we burn while doing our cleaning at home? How many calories do we burn when we doing those basic home cleaning chores? That is what we will go through in this article. One thing to keep in mind is that the amount of energy we burn will heavily rely on the intensity of the task (how vigorous), the time we are into that task and the state of our body. 

I will take through a number of home cleaning activities and the amount of calories of energy a person would burn if he did that activity for an hour. My assumption is that the person is of average body stature and is healthy. 


  • Carpet sweeping, sweeping floors -156 Calories
  • Mopping -170 Calories
  • General cleaning -136 Calories
  • Dusting, changing linen and carrying out trash -102 Calories
  • Washing dishes -88 Calories
  • Vacuuming -170 Calories
  • Doing the laundry -68 Calories
  • Multiple tasks with light effort -102 Calories
  • Multiple tasks with moderate effort -174 Calories
  • Multiple tasks with vigorous effort -204 Calories

The more vigorous your cleaning activity is and the higher the number of hours you put into doing the task, the more the number of calories are burnt. Now you have it.