How to Win the Fight Against Dust Mites

Dust mites are a threatening reality to everybody, especially for those who suffer from allergies like asthma. Without proper hygiene and cleaning, we are forced to accept the fact that they are there to stay thus increasing the risk of allergies. These microscopic arachnids that mainly feed on dead skin cells can be cleared from our environment by simply following this simple guide.

1. De-clutter your house.

A cluttered house attracts a lot of dust and this makes it more susceptible to dust mite invasion. It is utterly necessary to get rid of every unused item from the house, whether old or not. You can either throw them away or donate them. This will also make it easier for you to clean the house thus reducing the number of spots where these mites hide.

2. Embrace good hygiene.

It is extremely important to clean your entire house regularly; the floors, furniture, drapes, ceiling, fans and walls. This helps to clear off dust from their surfaces thus reducing the probability of the occurrence of dust mites. Bedding should be washed frequently in hot water over 54 degrees Celsius and dried in a hot drier to kill the mites as well as get rid of their eggs. Non washable ones should be frozen overnight to kill the mites. Vacuuming should also be done at least weekly and it should involve all surfaces: the furniture, floors, carpets, area rugs, behind furniture, the shelves and cupboards and the ceiling fans. It is important that these vacuums must have a micron or HEPA filter to absorb the dust, dust mites and eggs that could be blown into the air while vacuuming hence preventing allergies. Wiping these surfaces using a wet rug can also help prevent the dust containing dust mites from being blown into the air during cleaning.

3. Replace bedding and carpets.

It is also necessary to replace old bedding with new ones to prevent harboring of dust which contains dust mites. As a rule, any mattress older than 8 years and every sheet or blanket older that six months should be replaced for your own good. Mattresses and pillows should be covered by dust-proof airtight covers to prevent dust from making its way from the mattress or pillows to the outer bedding. It is advisable that for those who suffer from allergies frequently should get rid of carpets and replace them with wooden floors. Upholstered furniture should also be replaced with wooden, leather or metal furniture which are least likely to harbor dust mites. Getting rid of stuffed or soft toys is also advisable as they are believed to be dust mite collectors.

4. Control temperature and humidity.

Controlling temperature and humidity using air conditioners and humidifiers respectively will help in achieving our ultimate goal. Temperatures should be below 21 degrees Celsius while relative humidity should be below 50%. Opening windows and keeping your house well ventilated will also help regulate these two. Airing your bedding rather than spreading them early in the morning is also a great way of reducing the amount of moisture produced by the body thus reducing the survival of dust mites within your bed.

5. Most people have been using acaricides to kill these mites but they tend to reappear after a short time. These little changes in taking care of your house will work wonders in the fight against dust mites thus leaving your house both cleaner and healthier.