What to Consider When Purchasing a Vacuum Cleaner?

A vacuum cleaner is one of the most essential cleaning tools in every household.  It may seem that choosing a vacuum cleaner is not a big deal, but sooner or later you will find out that picking a wrong kind of a  vacuum can be very frustrating. Not only will you waste your money on something that does not do what it is supposed to, but also harm you by triggering respiratory problems or contribute to the ongoing allergies of your loved ones. On the other hand, when you know exactly what you want from the vacuum and choose it in accordance with your individual needs, you will be surprised how easy and fun cleaning your house can be. To transform your attitude to vacuuming from “ehhh” to “yeah!,” we decided to give away some tips on how to choose a proper vacuum.  You are welcome to share these tips with your friends,  too!

Decide on the purpose of your vacuum cleaner

Before you can actually go ahead and buy a vacuum cleaner, first decide on the exact purpose of the vacuum cleaner. Do you have a lot of carpets or you mostly have hard-wood flooring? Do you have pets or just need to occasionally remove dust from the floor? Do your kids smash bananas into your carpet or spill juice while playing? Do you have any allergens like mold lurking in hard-o-reach areas? All these questions will help you with your decision.

Motors Matter!

You can compare the motor strengths for the different vacuum cleaners by simply checking on their watts. Quality vacuum cleaners should at least have 1000 watts. Additionally, a vacuum cleaner with high motor strength can provide a better suction, hence more appropriate for cleaning thick carpets.

Filtrate Filters

You may be comparing and testing dozens of diferent filter options, but in our understanding you should stop looking when you find a vacuum with 'High-efficiency Particulate Air' (HEPA) filter. We recommend it because it was proven to deliver the best cleaning results and help with allergy relief. Moreover, after using a vacuum cleaner with this type of filter, your air will stay fresh longer.

Mobilize Your Vacuuming

We have all encountered problems such as a short cord of the vacuum or excessive wight of the machine. Both of these factors cause an extra irritation with your cleaning chores. The ideal length or the cord is about 20 ft. Weight is more of a personal preference, so you should really try the vacuum before buying it.

Be Wary of Warranties

A good vacuum cleaner should have  at least two-year warranty. This warranty should cover motor and electrical parts. While shopping for your cleaning “buddy,” compare the warranties for different brands of vacuum cleaners, and choose the one with the most meaningful warranty.


It is not rare to hear such comments as “Vacuuming? Ain’t nobody have time for that!” If you're a busy person with no time to vacuum your house, then you should consider hiring professional cleaning services. With multiple years of experience and all necessary tools, they will be able to get your house clean quickly and efficiently. By the way, they will bring their vacuum cleaners with them.  

If you follow our tips above, you should be in a good shape for buying your next vacuum cleaner. If you decide to go with our last tip, you know where to call.