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Take advantage of the Best Cleaning Services with the Maids' Healthy Touch 22-Step Deep Cleaning System

Cleaning Services New London CTThe Maids Healthy Touch® Deep Cleaning System was made to provide a healthy, not to mention exceptional home cleaning service as well as provide your family with the best living conditions possible.

Healthy Touch® is based upon a 22-step plan of action which integrates The Maids stringent consideration to detail together with our healthy, greenhouse friendly cleaning supplies and our high tech backpack vacuum that provides powerful HEPA filtering. The result is a cleaner, healthier home that is safe for your family, your pets and guests in your home.  

22 Special Steps to a Cleaner Home

Kitchen Cleaning Services

  • Clean sink - Even though the kitchen sink is visually clean, there is every possibility that bacteria the human eye can't see is present. That's the main reason The Maids will clean your sink in the most effective way possible, to ensure that you don’t have to be concerned about hidden bacteria coming into contact with you and your family.
  • Clean appliance exteriors - With the many stainless steel appliances in kitchens even the smallest finger prints and smudges are easily noticed. The Maids make certain that all your kitchen appliances are thoroughly cleaned and shined to a spotless finish.
  • Clean inside microwave - The Maids goes and accomplish the things you don’t wish to accomplish, even cleaning the smallest section of your microwave, giving you a reduced amount of of a headache at the end of the day.
  • Clean range top - Don't stress about the grease splatters, The Maids will clean your range top to get rid of those and other food spills, leaving it bright and shiny.
  • Damp wipe cabinet doors - The most severe dirt for any kitchen will almost always be grease. Grease attracts dirt that makes the house start looking lifeless and boring. The Maids will clean your cabinets to eliminate the maximum amount of the grease and also other dirt build up, bringing you a refreshing kitchen area.
  • Clean counters - Ensuring that the kitchen counters are thoroughly disinfected and clean is a high priority for The Maids as these areas of the kitchen are used to prepare food and must be free of germs and bacteria.  Using our top grade and greenhouse friendly products, The Maids will leave your kitchen counters clean and germ free.
  • Hand wash floor - The kitchen floor is one of the most exposed parts within our home and for that reason it might be a favorite living ground for germs.  The Maids will clean your kitchen floor extensively removing any dirt and grime that has accumulated from your daily activities.
  • Load dishwasher - The Maids will load the dirty dishes in the dish washing machine giving you more time to relax and enjoy your clean home.

All Rooms Cleaning Services

  • Pick up and straighten - The Maids make sure all aspects of your home are in proper order. We guarantee a thorough cleaning and make sure that things are all tidied and straightened.
  • Dust sills, ledges, wall hangings - Dust accumulates on ledges and wall hangings and in areas that are hard to reach.  The Maids will take special care to completely clean these areas removing the dust and leaving them clean.
  • Remove cobwebs - Cobwebs can appear overnight and are often difficult to reach when they are in high corners of the room. Let The Maids take care of the cobwebs, removing these so you don't have to worry about them.
  • Dust/vacuum furniture - Dust collects everywhere in the home, including your furniture.  Fortunately The Maids Healthy Touch® Deep Cleaning System ensures that your furniture will be dusted and/or vacuumed to get rid of any accumulated dust.
  • Vacuum floors, carpets - Let the Maids leave every one of your carpet clean and dirt free. Edges of carpeting and rugs usually obscure dirt, and this is exactly what the Maids will eliminate in their every cleaning.
  • Vacuum stairs - The corners of stairs are a favorite area for dirt to settle.  The Maids will vacuum all your staircases every single time.
  • Vacuum under beds - The Maids Home Services is going to take time to eradicate any kind of dust bunnies lurking underneath the beds in your home. The Maids will also replace your bed sheets with clean linen.
  • Empty trash - Allow us to actually do all of the dirty work for you such as emptying the trash.

Bathrooms Cleaning Services

  • Clean sinks, counters; Change towels - The Maids take great care to guarantee that your most personalized space is healthy and clean.
  • Clean, disinfect toilets, tubs, showers - We understand that cleaning the toilets, tubs, and shower are some of the tasks you detest engaging in. The Maids will take care of this and get rid of soap scum, stains and various buildups to leave your bathrooms looking and also smelling clean.
  • Hand wash, disinfect floors - The floors in your bathrooms can certainly host lots of bacteria's. That's why The Maids disinfect them and leave them safe and clean.
  • Windows - Clean entry window, one set of patio door windows - Have your entry way looking good with clean windows as well as one set of patio doors.
  • Clean window over kitchen sink - The next time you do the dishes, you are likely to look through a radiant, sparkling window, thanks to The Maids.

Healthy Cleaning Starts With Green Cleaning Solutions 

Once our expert cleaning team has finished delivering our excellent home cleaning service to your own home, you are going to breathe easier simply because we give you a comprehensive, healthy cleaning all the way through. We clean your home diligently as each and every small detail is important to our team.

We clean places various other service providers may miss such as deep under beds and on top of refrigerators. Hands on cleaning for your bathroom and kitchen are going to be our primary factor to ensure that all the dirt and germs are removed.

Your toilet seat will definitely be brushed every single visit and we use our personal healthy cleaning supplies to ensure that each room is bacteria free. We know that it really is essential for you to ultimately get a cleaner, healthier home which is why our trustworthy Maids are fully equipped with the knowledge and experience to give you the cleaning service you deserve.