A Fresh New Look for Spring

Spring makes everyone think of renewal and freshness, and you might get the itch to do something new. If this includes wanting to decorate your house differently, you aren't alone! When spring cleaning is done or your cleaning services have left, it's a great time to add something new to your home.

One of the best ways to keep your home a place you love and enjoy is to switch up the decorating every now and then and make it new for yourself.

Ideas for Spring Decor:

Bright Colors. If your décor is mostly muted and neutral in tone, a new, bright pop of color can bring a new dynamic to the whole room. You can incorporate bright colors through accent walls, bright colored furniture, or even just new accessories with bright colors that complement your room color. 

Green is a popular color this year, everything from mint to emerald is showing up in homes. It complements many colors well, so if you're not sure what might work, try adding some green pillows, vases, or artwork.

Easy New Art. Speaking of artwork, sometimes you can get the best results by making your own. Of course, making extensive artwork is time consuming and possibly a challenge if you aren't an artist! There are a few good extremely easy art projects that can add a new feature to your room with very little cost and work. 

This project, for instance, is one anyone can do: take scraps of wallpaper that complement your room, frame them, and hang them for something that looks professional but takes no time at all to make.

Fresh Plants. The instinct is to grab flowers and fill vases—and that's a great way to decorate! But you can also use green arrangements or just new green houseplants. Not only can you keep them around for longer, they also freshen the air. If you're not too sure about adding plants to your house, do some research to find some good, low-maintenance choices.

Use Sheers. While you don't want to use sheer curtains on windows that face directly East or West (they'll see direct sunlight and can make the house both brighter and hotter), sheer curtains on less-intensely lit windows can provide a soft natural glow to your house that is a proven mood booster.