The Uses of Vinegar in the Home

One of the most versatile cleaning solutions you can use in your home is vinegar. The uses of vinegar in the home are simply amazing and will lead you to exclaim, who knew?

The acidic content in vinegar makes it great for everything from cleaning out your coffeepot to cleaning windows. It can even be used as an adjunct to clean drains or deodorize them. Yes, humble vinegar can do it all.

Vinegar can also be used as a deodorizer and can remove unpleasant odors from the home like the order of smoke for instance. It can also be used to clean stainless steel and remove candle wax. Some of the other things that this inexpensive wonder substance can do is to clean computers and peripherals.

Those who have a mouse that has a tracking ball may easily remove it and clean the components with vinegar. Vinegar can also be used effectively for cleaning window blinds. Put on some light weight glove with a bit of vinegar solution on them and prepare to be astounded at the transformation. Vinegar is indeed the most versatile of solutions and can clean many items in your home.

These are some of the items it is most effective for. Vinegar is also good for polishing brass and copper

One of the other uses for vinegar is to unglue stickers’ decals and price tags. Many times these items leave a gooey residue. They can be easily removed by adding vinegar to the item and let it set for a minute or two and then scrape off the item. It is cost effective. It can also remove glue from glass, plastic and other glossy surfaces.

You can burnish your scissors with vinegar and if they are sticky or grimy they will come clean. Vinegar can also help remove mildew stains use full strength for set in or dark stains. Use lesser amounts for stains that are light.

Vinegar can also be used to take off ball point pen marks.

For a budding artist in the home use vinegar to remove ink from painted walls. It is an easy and inexpensive solution and a full proof and inexpensive way to remove marks that the young artist may have left.

There are even more uses for vinegar, so the next time you feel you need to buy expensive or hazardous cleaning materials, remember the uses of vinegar in the home.