Small Spaces Require Creative Furnishings

Do you have a small house or apartment? It can be difficult to know how to decorate a small space without overwhelming it. Many times, furnishings people use in their larger homes don’t suit a smaller space.

If that’s your concern, there are some great tips out there for making your space look and feel bigger while still giving you the full look that you want.

What to Look For 

Apartment Therapy took a close look at some pieces that will help fill out a small space without making it feel too small. Here are some things to look for:

Open Shelves. Traditional shelving units and book cases are deep, standing far out from the wall and, in a small room, looking imposing!

Opt instead for open shelves with no backs or defined fronts. The lack of a back panel and a front design make it slimmer and much more sleek, providing much-needed shelving space without weighing down the room.

Rugs. Area rugs do a great job of defining a space. When people see an area rug under a couch, chairs, and coffee table, they instantly define that space as the living room. In a small home where you want to avoid putting up extra walls and enclosures, rugs do a great job of filling in the gap.

Don’t be afraid of going with something bold, just balance it with neutrals and complementary colors.

Slim Furniture. You don’t have to deprive yourself of good furniture for your small room. Want a soft couch, cozy chair, and a coffee table? You can have all of them! The key is the size. Look for furniture that is on the slim side to more easily fit into your space both physically and visually.