Refresh Your Outdoor Chairs and Tables

You bought your outdoor furniture because you love the look and feel, but lately it isn't looking so good. You could run out and buy some new outdoor chairs and tables, but if you really like what you have, why not just give them a facelift?

Extending your house cleaning to the patio will help everything look nicer, but if you’re ready for a real change, here are some suggestions:

Look For Mildew

If you are going to refresh your outdoor chairs and tables, checking for mildew is an part of the process. Making sure there’s no mildew will extend the life of your furniture and help keep harmful toxins out of your outdoor living space. Mildew is a form of mold, and it grows best in hot, humid weather, the same place where your outdoor furniture spends most of its life.

If you find any mildew, you can use 1/2 cup of bleach in one gallon water to clean it. Rinse with clean water. Since it can cause discoloration, it is important to do this before you paint.

Before painting, prepare the surface by using a mildew killer. This will help protect your furniture against mold and mildew, and it easily blends in with paints or stains.

Brighten Up The Original Colors

If you are still in love with the colors your outdoor furniture originally had, then simply find the same or similar colors and repaint.

First, sand down the areas that you plan to paint, as this will help create a smooth surface to paint on. Then, use primer to help the paint go on more easily and stay on longer, and then paint with the closest match you can find to the previous color.

Change The Colors And Change The Atmosphere

The beauty of a facelift is that you can easily change the colors of your chairs and tables to reflect any changes you have made throughout the years. For instance, if you have painted your deck a darker color, then you may want to change the color of your furniture to something darker as well.

Of course, the great thing about an outdoor furniture makeover is that you can change the whole appearance of your backyard even if you haven't done any other updates. No matter what surface your furniture is, you can find a paint that will cover it up nicely and change the whole atmosphere of your yard.

Once your patio looks fresh and new, you’ll probably want to make sure your house does, as well. The Maids of New London are ready and waiting to help your home make the right impression!