How to Remove Wax from Carpet

Tools to use

1 .Butter knife

2. Vacuum

3. Iron

4. White clean cloth

5. Rubbing alcohol

6. Cleaning solvent

7. Water

8. Sponge

Steps to follow

Scrape the hardened wax with the butter knife to remove it from the carpet, if there is any soft wax remaining on the carpet, rub it with a bag of ice cubes to harden and solidify it making it easier for you to collect the wax from the carpet. While doing this process one will need to take to consideration not to damage the carpet like for example with the use of butter knife.

If the wax is gone spray that area with a cleaning solvent to rub off the dye, if there is a little bit of stain still left from the dye, then rub it with a rubbing alcohol to remove the color. This is by placing a white clean cloth over the stain and with a warm iron over it, the stain should be absorbed onto the cloth and away from the carpet. This should be done carefully to ensure that the alcohol does not get absorbed deeply into the carpet because it will loosen the glue that holds the fibers together.

Use the vacuum to remove any wreckage left on the carpet and the vacuum helps to return the carpet to the original texture it was before.

Place a white clean cloth over the spot where the wax was, then warm the iron by ensuring it is not hot, this is because it will melt the cloth. Rub the warm iron over the cloth and if there is any wax left it will melt, once the wax melts it will stick to the bag cloth as you remove the cloth away from the carpet the wax will go away with it. Then repeat the process with another white clean cloth just to ensure that all wax that had remained on the carpet is rubbed off.

Lastly sponge with water to clean the area the wax was on the carpet and vacuum to return the fibers to its original texture.