How to Properly Fold a Fitted Sheet

We all dream of having that magazine worthy, perfectly organized linen cupboard with stacks of neatly folded and organized sheets. However, as many people find fitted sheets difficult to fold, that dream is often ruined. If you are one of those people who dread folding fitted sheets, don't despair, keep on reading and learn how to properly fold a fitted sheet.

1. Lay the fitted sheet on a large, flat surface such as a bed, table or clean floor. Lay the sheet so that you the long sides of the sheet are at the top and bottom. Ensure that the gathered side is facing up. Imagine each elasticated corner is lettered, corner A is the top left corner, corner B is the top right corner, corner C is the bottom right corner and corner D is the bottom left corner.

2. With your right hand, pinch corner C then with your left hand turn the corner inside out, by folding it over your hand. The seam should now be facing the outside. Bring that corner C up to the top of the sheet and tuck into corner B.

3. Do the same step with the left side of the sheet, turn corner D inside out by folding it over your hand and then bringing it up and tucking corner D into corner A. Now, instead of having four corners you will have two corners, A & B. For the rest of the process, keep corner A as the left corner and corner B as the right corner.

4. You should see a shape resembling a square. With your hand, smooth out any creases and straighten the sides. This will ensure a perfectly folded sheet when finished.

5. Gently pinch corner B, turn inside out and bring over to the left side of the sheet. Tuck the corner B into corner A.

6. What you should see now is a shape similar to a rectangle, but with two straight edges and two slightly curved edges. All four of the fitted sheet corners should be together on your left. As in step 4, smooth any creases with your hand.

7. Fold the sheet in thirds, starting from the left side with the corners, fold them to the middle of the sheet then fold the right side on top. This helps to hide the elastic.

8. Finally, fold the sheet in half once from top to bottom. You should be left with a perfectly folded, smooth square.