Helping Your Children Get Organized

Ever walked by your child’s room and closed the door to hide the mess or seen them lose something only to discover it in a pile of clutter later?

Kids often need help knowing how to organize and having the motivation to do it, but with a few tips, you can have them house cleaning in no time!

1. Create a plan to decorate. To help your child get motivated, try coming up with a plan to decorate their room. Offer to move furniture around, change art, or get some new accessories.

When your child is excited about a freshly-decorated bedroom, they’re much more likely to stay motivated to clean.

2. Back-up plan for clutter. Ideally, you’ll want to encourage your child to donate things they don’t use or play with anymore, but many children find it difficult to part with things.

If this is the case, give them a back-up plan: store the things they don’t use frequently, and agree to revisit it in six months or a year.

3. Make cleaning fun and easy. The best way to help your child maintain their clean room is to make it fun and easy for them to handle. You can make it fun by adding a time element (how fast can you clean your room?) or give them a hamper or toy basket into which they can throw toys and clothes.

To make it easier, help them find a place for each type of item in their room. It’s easier to put things away when you know exactly where each item goes without thinking—it’s true for adults, too!